What colour is
your energy?

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What if you could make yourself feel better and transform your life just by harnessing the

power of your intuition?

Ever notice how some people have a calming presence you want to soak in like a bubble bath, while others are spilling coffee, running late for meetings, or picking fights with loved ones every 10 seconds? It all comes back to where you’re focusing your energy.

Your energy embodies your thoughts and emotions, painting the reality you see in your mind’s eye.

So if you’re:
  • Confused about your career, on the brink of burnout or spinning your wheels, but unsure what’s stopping you from reaching the levels of success you aspire to
  • Asking yourself why you feel stuck in your marriage or relationship, because you can’t figure out what’s missing
  • Feeling purposeless in your life, overwhelmed about your next steps, and wondering if you’re doing enough to get where you want to go
  • Consumed by thoughts and feelings of not-enoughness because of the old beliefs and stories that are playing ring-around-the-rosie in your head
  • Zapped of energy and limited by chronic health problems that you’d rather not throw more pills at

...these can all be signs that your energy is out of alignment, and these imbalances are manifesting in real physical and emotional ways.

I can help you use the art of muscle testing and energy healing as a way to check in with your intuition, tap into your inner guidance system, and set healthy boundaries that protect your precious spiritual resources.

Just like birds can sense when a tsunami might hit, humans have an inner knowing they have the ability to access. But most of us have forgotten how because we’ve lost touch with it.

Once we reconnect with our natural source of wisdom and learn to trust its revelations, we can expand our self-awareness to break free of our doubts, fears, and histories.

We can choose what colour of paint we put on life’s canvas and define our own brushstrokes.

Imagine being able to awaken the clarity you need to make better decisions while discovering what you crave most of all: peace of mind.

Because when you finally find this inner knowing and involve your soul in the decision-making process, you have the power to heal core issues that are getting in the way of the life you want...and the person you have the potential to be.

J. Levasseur / Author

“Every time I leave a session with Elena, I feel purged, invigorated and renewed, with the determination that life can be fuller, more within my control, and fulfilling. Elena is a beautiful, intuitive and giving soul. I am a cautious but curious sceptic of many alternative therapies. Though I don’t understand exactly what Elena does, I don’t think that I need to because I feel completely comfortable and cared for in her presence. Knowing that she is there, offering her wonderful skills, is a great comfort. I always look forward to putting myself in her hands.”