The first time I saw clearly was when I went blind...

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Ten years ago

I was diagnosed with uveitis, an autoimmune disease that attacked my eyesight and left me in the dark. SCARY STUFF is right.

But when I think about it now, I had trouble seeing long before that.
My direction in life was priorities were blurry...
and the “I’m not good enough” thoughts kept me in
the shadows of perfectionism.

You know what that’s like, right?

When you’re simmering in stress, it’s amazing what your thoughts and
emotions can trigger.

The Blues. Weight gain. A bare bank account. Job dissatisfaction. Breakups. Adrenal fatigue. Or if you’re me, spending 4 years in partial blindness and 8 weeks legally blind.

On impulse, I tried everything to reverse it: Steroids, needles in the eyes, pills. But nothing the doctors recommended worked. And that’s when I heard my intuition say: “No more suffering. Let it go.”

As I’m sure you know, sometimes letting go is harder than holding on...

But it’s true what they say: When you lose one sense, the others amplify. I’ve never felt so in tune with my body and connected to my emotions as I did then.

Because when I accepted that I’d lost my eyesight

I found unexpected insight.

Until I ventured into the black,

I couldn’t see my light.

Until I was deaf to distractions,

I couldn’t hear my heart.

And it wasn’t until I stopped seeing that I started believing this:

We need to look inward to find the answers we’re looking for, instead of surrendering our choices to the personal agendas of others, our fears, or the stories we tell ourselves.

My Awakening

When I finally awakened my intuition and started following my own wisdom, it led me to kinesiology.

I told off stubborn self-limiting beliefs. I chipped away at the mental blocks that were cramping my vibe. And I learned how to use a combination of muscle reading, practical spiritual tools, and law of attraction principles to begin the self-healing process.

My hope strengthened, as did my motivation to feel better.

I rethought the assumptions I took for granted. I started seeing how energy is connected to everything, and how our hearts and realities vibrate on the same frequency. And like the unfurling of a blossom, my focus got clearer and the colours around me more vibrant.


Today, I can say that I’ve regained my full eyesight. But it took more than chanting a few mantras and navel-gazing to make this transformation possible.

I had to change my energy to change my results. And after healing myself with a mix of traditional Chinese medicine and spiritual enlightenment, I knew my calling was to teach others how to align their energy to attract their desires with more peace and less push.

Using the exact system I developed to find direction and focus in my own life, I help women like you see past feelings of limitation or lack and process your emotions in a positive and productive way, so you can resurrect the dreams you’ve buried and live the life you’ve chosen.

My Soul Mission

In 2010, when I got certified and began practising kinesiology, I signed this mission on my soul.

And since then, I’ve facilitated over 3,000 sessions for my private clients, helping them find the insights they need to love themselves and navigate their lives.

When I’m not healing with my heart and my hands, I’m the rock that slows the rushing river of my two baby boys, an oil painter by moonlight, a bird enthusiast, and a bon vivant.

Julia Archibald / Photographer

“I have been working with Elena for years and the emotional and physical progress I continue to make is spectacular. Her presence is so soothing and her knowledge and intuition is always ready for big transformational break throughs. I leave each session with my inner strength ignited, and the willpower and nourishment needed to complete so much in my life. ”




Elena Pilch is a Kinesiologist, Practical Intuitive Guide and Energy Healer who helps women who feel stuck or directionless tap into their intuition and start trusting its guidance. Through an empathic and non-invasive approach, she identifies what your body, mind, and spirit need to restore balance for better well-being. After being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder that left her partially blind for 4 years, she became passionate about teaching women how to dim daily distractions and see with their souls, so they can align their energy with the reality they want to create. Based in Melbourne, Australia, she works with clients locally and worldwide via Skype. At heart, she’s a mama, a bird-watcher, and an oil painter.