“Elena is an intuitive in its purest form - she was created to open hearts and bring understanding to the soul"

Kat John

Feeling flat, uninspired, or unsure what to do next?

Your intuition has the answers you need to get back on track.
And now you can learn how to access it anywhere, anytime.

Success, well-being, growth and connection...

They all start on a cellular level. Your energy speaks louder than your words. What you feel, you attract. And that means you have creative control in crafting the life you desire.

If you want to have the universe at “hello”, you’ve got to put some thought into the vibe you’re wearing out into the world.

You can pick out that drab, wrinkled energy that says:

“I’m stuck at a crossroads because my family doesn’t approve of my life choices. I don’t know what to do next and I feel cornered by their expectations...”

“I’m carrying 30 lbs of childhood pain on my body, but the real me – the lighter and carefree me – is trapped inside...”

“I’d love to resurrect my unrealized dream of building a business, but I’m too busy taking care of everyone else. Now I’m too burned-out and checked-out of my own passions...”


With my help, you can find the energetic ensemble that expands your vision of what’s possible and expresses your truest desires, so you can act on what you want with courage and confidence

(and without worrying about how you’re coming across).


I’m Elena, a Kinesiologist, Practical Intuitive Guide and Energy Healer. And I help you get in touch with your intuition and start trusting its guidance, so you can stop spinning in circles, awaken your inner strength, and illuminate the insights that’ll move you forward on the right path in the shortest time possible.

Believe it or not, you already possess the power to tap into subconscious information that’ll help you decide your next steps and reach those goals hiding in your Moleskine.

Change your inner frequency, change your outer

It’s that simple.