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Energy Revival Kit

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You want to feel a certain way...

Inspired. Fulfilled. Strong. Vibrant.
Financially free. At peace. Or simply loved.

But right now, something is getting in the way of that. And if I asked you what it was, you might blame it on a busy schedule, a few extra pounds, a sad salary or a rocky relationship. Welcome to the club.

Because often, that’s what we do...throw every quick fix we can think of at the evidence of the problem, not the real source of what’s hiding beneath it.

The truth is: If you want to makeover your outer reality, you’ve got to makeover your inner frequency.

If your energy is flatter than humid-day hair, you need a spiritual shampoo that boosts your vibrations at the roots and gives your soul a deep clean.

And if you really want to feel that healing tingle and admire the natural shine of your happiest self, you’ve got to get your hands on my 3 Day Energy Revival Home Kit.

This DIY energy-alignment process takes the gray out of your days and helps you create a beautiful, fuller life that you can style up any way you want.

It’s not a one-time treatment. It’s a rinse and repeat process that gives you lasting results, so limp dreams can always find new life and luster.

Whether your soul is sending out an SOS or you just need a little spiritual lift to freshen up your vibe, this can help.

Best of all? It works wherever you are.


Whats in the 3 day energy revival kit


My 3-Part Energy Alignment Video Training Series

(40-60 minutes each) that you can watch anywhere, anytime, with corresponding worksheets to align to your goals. It’s like having me on speed dial for spiritual support!


video 1:
The Power of Acceptance

Learn how to tune into your body, take responsibility for your emotions, and use acupuncture trigger points to dissolve stagnant energy that’s detouring your desires.


Video 2:
Bringing Power and Presence Back Into Your Body

Create awareness around how you feel and what type of vibrations you’re putting out there, so you can shift perspectives or patterns that aren’t serving you anymore.


Video 3:
Realigning With Your Goals

Apply flower essences to specific acupoints to clear your blocks. Refocus on your priorities and create an actionable plan for matching how you want to feel with the reality you create.

Nourish Cards
Spiritual Toolkit

Frequently asked questions

I have complete faith in the 3 Day Energy Revival Kit, I’m confident that if you take loving responsibility for yourself and do the required exercises in each video - you will revive you energy and take charge of your life. I’ve drawn on my innate wisdom combined with cutting edge healing techniques to create a program that is highly valuable, accessible and most importantly affordable for you. Therefore, I’m unable to offer refunds, even in part. Take a moment to be sure you want to commit before you purchase this course.

What does it cost?

You get instant access to the three training videos, accompanying worksheets and downloadable digital card deck with 55 spiritual exercises, plus your practical spiritual toolkit for just $197 + shipping.


How do I order my

3 Day Energy Revival Home Kit?
Step 1

Fill out the order form here. You’ll provide your mailing address, so your spiritual toolkit has a destination. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Step 2

After you purchase your home kit, you’ll receive an email with instant access to your training videos, worksheets and downloadable digital deck. If for some reason you don’t receive your training materials, you can email me at elena@elenapilch.com and I’ll make sure they find their way into your inbox.

Step 3

Your spiritual toolkit is sent out to you via your preferred shipping method (chosen at checkout) and arrives at your doorstep in the estimated time. If your shipment is late, feel free to email me at elena@elenapilch.com so I can follow-up with you.

Step 4

Enjoy a little spiritual rejuvenation at home! You can use the 3 day kit to move past a specific issue you’re dealing with and create a shift in your life, or revisit it whenever you need a little soul-lift to realign your energy with your goals.


Get Your

3 Day
Energy Revival Home Kit
For Just
$197+ shipping
After ordering, you’ll get instant access to your 3-part energy alignment video training series, worksheets, and downloadable digital card deck with 55 spiritual exercises.