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Intuitive Readings & Distant Healings

A guided intuitive reading and distant healing can help you hear the inner wisdom you need to change your life now. You’ll walk away feeling calm, centered, and courageous enough to take the next step on your path.

  • Tap into your intuition, create clarity to cut through challenges and get self-guidance that points you in the right direction
  • Learn the lessons your soul is teaching you, so you can illuminate your blind spots and create the kind of inner alignment you need to see your dreams through
  • Experience energetic expansion, a heightened sense of self-awareness, and a deeper connection to your desires.
Ideal if you:
  • Want quick and relevant insight when you need it most from your spiritual support crew (aka your Spirit Guides and Angelic Beings), so you have a clearer direction to follow
  • Can commit to training your intuition independently and would like a new set of tools to help you feel in charge of your life
  • Could use a little peace of mind or insight around a current issue, so you can feel lighter and freer moving forward
  • Need distant healing or support between kinesiology sessions to energize your spirit and calm your mind
How it works:

You don’t need to be present for an intuitive reading. I can tap into your intuition from the comfort of your couch. You email me three questions or statements describing what you need guidance with.

Examples of questions you could ask:
  • Why do I feel like something is missing in my current relationship? Can I fix it?
  • Should I quit my soul-sucking job? How can I turn my passions into profits?
  • How can I take better care of myself? What is my soul craving?
  • Why does stress STICK to me? What can I do to feel better?
  • What are my soul gifts? How can I be most helpful to others?
  • Why have I been unsuccessful losing weight? What new approach should I try?
  • Is starting my own business a smart move? Would I feel more fulfilled?

A note on the nature of intuitive readings:

Intuitive readings are not about forecasting the future. They're about giving you the spiritual info you need to tap into your inner guidance system, so you can discover what's creating stress in your life and receive deeper insight into your current situation. Basically, I help you help yourself.

When we work together, I'll give you the tools you need to transform your life and make better decisions that you feel more confident about. But you'll find the answers on your own and learn how to take responsibility for your own happiness.

PRICING: One payment of $220, due upfront. You'll receive your reading within 7 days of ordering. Sessions are available to clients worldwide and don't require your presence.

Catherine Morey-Nase / The Wellbeing Corner

“Elena’s distant healing was such a joy. I felt very safe and
supported throughout the reading and despite not being with Elena in person I could really feel her calming and nurturing energy with me as I listened. I felt incredibly peaceful yet uplifted afterwards. Elena is such a beautiful, gentle and caring soul – I cant recommend her work more highly!”


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