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Package Offers
Package One
Soul Alignment (3 session bundle)

What you get:

  • 3 x 60-minute Kinesiology via Skype Sessions to help you awaken your intuition, heighten self-awareness and shift your energy to attract your deepest desires
  • 2 x Intuitive Readings & Distant Healings to stay aligned with your goals and connected to your intuition between sessions, so you’re always moving forward
  • 1 x Mini Intuitive Reading to use whenever you’re going through some spiritual turbulence or need a little extra soul support
  • 3 x Flower Essences to bring focus to your actions, peace to your mind, and calm to your spirit
  • Personalised homework and practical spiritual tools to use at home, so you know how to deal with obstacles and challenges as they come up

PRICING: One payment of $1097 due upfront or 3 monthly payments of $380. Sessions take place via Skype or in-person Melbourne or Kyneton - used within a six month period.

Package Two