In Spirit


I believe in two fundamental truths about us human beings -The first is that we all have within us a centred place of wisdom, strength and direction. I call this force or place within - our spirit. The second truth is that we will all veer our spirit- time and time again. It’s the nature of life, we may feel off course more often than we are on course, it’s totally ok. The question is how quickly can YOU get back in touch with your spirit? This podcast series is intended to steer you back home to this sacred place within, where all is available to you, where you are able to transform struggle to grace, no matter what your obstacles or challenges are.

Latest Episodes:

Episode One – {Welcome + How to Live In Spirit)

By Elena | November 14, 2016

In this first episode of In Spirit Living, I share with you what it means to live a life “In Spirit” and how to quickly identify when you’re living from a state of fear. In this podcast I share – a personal story of what I discovered when I lost my eyesight how to spot […]